Saturday, July 26, 2008

2 Squads done... 2 to go... for now

Alright new post and much progress on the bases and the mini's themselves. I have gotten the Master completely done and he now looks done, also I have finished up the bases and highlighted weapons. I think these first two squads are right on the money. The next two squads are done with all their bone white. Now just the detail work and they will be completed as well.

So without further ado... here's some pictures:

Here's the two squads... sorry about the picture quality still trying to get used to the camera

As you can see the bases really make a statement instead of what I've done previously

Here's a close up of Matthius' and his cloak now instead of that stark white:

I think the purple really made it look sharp. You can see the Standard Bearer in this pic so I'll post one of him next:

And a couple more just semi random pics:
As you can see, the bases really do pull it all together.

FOR THE LION... stay tuned


RonSaikowski said...

These look great, I think the purple realy makes the Commander stand out as well. It's a very royal color.

Thanks for the link, I'll be adding you to my site and feed as well.

Keep up the good work.

The WildFerret said...

I agree and if used sparingly the purple maintains that sense of royal perspective.

Thanks for the link as well :) I need to do some looking for pics of your Lustwing ;)

sovietspace said...

Well, I'm very much a fan of what you've done with your Deathwing. Ron is right, the commander really does stand out well. I've got to say that the Banner is also very well done; a great, simple and original idea!

Consider yourself added to my collection of Deathwing blogs :)

You asked for some more pictures of my Deathwing to see if Calthan Brown was for you. I've put some better pictures up here:

I picked up the idea from a thread to be found here:

Hope I have helped, I look forward to seeing more from you soon!

Anonymous said...

These models look so good! I love seeing how different people percieve the Deathwing, and your perception gives such a holy feel, something I trully think the Deathwing should possess. The contrasting colours compliment each other and as Ron mentioned, the purple really adds character to the Commander very nicely.

Great work mate,