Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I see your markers and raise you these

So Ron over at FROM THE WARP came up with some nice markers to show when a unit of his runs or has gone to ground. I liked the idea but had to theme it to the Deathwing... of course. While I really like his with the Adeptus Mech symbol on it, I just had to do this. Now I need to go to Michael's and find these wooden disks so I can resize my images to exactly what I need.

Check them out below:

For the LION!


RonSaikowski said...

Very nice indeed.

I actually used one of mine for the first time in my last game (my guys ran after deepstriking).

Well done Sir.

The WildFerret said...

Thank you...

I'm going to try and get these set up by the weekend for Zennister's Apoc game because I have a feeling I'll need them ;) hehe

Might even take this a bit further and make a Deep Strike marker as well. Oh what fun ;)

And again thanks for the idea