Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh what fun L13 is...

So last year the big Apocalypse campaign started. Getting with the local Outrider (I know they technically don't exist any more, but he's a good guy none the less) we started getting the campaign games scheduled and ready. We built terrain and even came up with a color scheme for the Mordant 13th based off the write up of their home world.

So this year kicked off the L13 campaign once again. The Outrider approached me to hopefully run the L13 again this year so we once more had them present on the tabletop. How could I refuse? With the release of the new Codex happening at the same time I felt the need to get out there and kick ass.

We had the first battle and locally fought it to a draw, so now chapter 2 is upon us. I've been asked to built an imperial comm bunker for the objective. So that's what my blog will contain here shortly. I'm in the designing stages right now. Once I have them sketched out I'll post them up and also show you the WIP and completed terrain. It's a rather large piece of terrain measuring 1 1/2 feet by 3 feet. The bunker will most likely be 3 floors and a roof with dimensions of 6" x 12". The rest of the area will be minefields, tanktraps and razorwire.

On top of this I'll also be building up some defense lines for an Imperial Shield Infantry Company, so watch for that as well. Finally I'm also going to be building and painting a ShadowSword for this event. So look for that as well. This blog is about to get very busy. Luckily I have a friend who is going to help with the comm bunker.


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