Saturday, June 6, 2009

And ... we're off

So we're finally getting started. Two pretty big projects right now. First off my friend and I are tackling the Command Bunker terrain piece for the upcoming L13 Chapter 2 Apocalypse MegaBattle. Second is to build and paint a ShadowSword to rumble out to fight with the Mordant 13th guard. I'm thinking of doing a ShadowSword Domination Force from the previous white dwarf. Not 100 percent sure yet, but we'll see. I apologize in advance for the pics, I had to take them with my phone as my batteries died in my normal camera. I'll be running to the store tomorrow to pick up some more, just lazy today. So without more ado, here's the start of the command bunker.

First you see a simple 2' by 4' sheet of MDF. The plans call for 1 1/2' x 3' terrain piece. Our local event coordinator didn't want any of the piece to hang in no man's land so the original 2' x 3' plan got scrapped.

This is my trusty table saw, not the greatest one in the world but it cuts straight and keeps me from having to try and cut straight edges with a hand saw. My only complaint is the front of it is not very friendly to large cuts of wood. I had to hold the board and have my friend actually turn on the power. It all worked out in the end though and got a nicely cut 1 1/2' x 3' MDF board. Great for what we want.

Here's the piece of board placed on the table we'll be using to work on this piece. As you can see that's a 12" ruler in the center of it and the two bunkers are ForgeWorld bunkers we'll be using. We intend to build a bunker between the two pillboxes that measures 9" x 6" and is three stories tall. We also are planning to make each level detachable, so you can pick up the sections and get to your mini's. With these measurements you can place 2 10 man squads on each level giving you 6 squads to hold the objective, not too mention the pillboxes on each side giving you fire support.

The entire perimeter is supposedly filled with mines and obstacles. So the plan is to take some cork and make dragon's teeth, or tank traps to those that may not know that reference. These will be placed around the perimeter of the minefield, making sure no vehicles make it through. Behind those will be razorwire making progress difficult for the infantry as well and then of course the actual minefield.

We'll be heading out tomorrow to grab some cork and possibly some particle board for the bunker. So stay tuned as we slam together this piece of beauty in a week ;)

Also up due in a week is a ShadowSword, fully assembled and painted. Not that hard an accomplishment, but I plan to do it while doing the above. Haven't done much other then open it up and look at the sprues and formulate a plan on the assembly. Pretty straight forward. Here's a couple pics:

As for the defensive lines, we'll have to wait and see where I'm at with the ShadowSword by Wednesday. The actual defensive lines are fairly easy to make, but it involves modeling clay which takes atleast 24 hours to dry completely. Those may just have to wait, besides I might change my mind on the formation although on my coordinates will be fun to use from inside the bunker. ;)


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