Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dark Elves??? Really???

Yeah.... really...

So after collecting and painting something close to 15K points worth of Dwarfs I've decided to do something different. Dark Elves.

So a small group of friends are doing an Escalation league to get our armies assembled and painted for the Indy GT circuit. It should take about 6 months to do and by the time we're done we should have atleast 12 games under our belts to get to know the rules.

Now I need to expand on my theme. My original theme was to do a Beastmaster army, but I wasn't sure how the "world" would look at my Monster heavy list and go "hey that's cool" or "hey that's cheesy". I was looking at a dragon, manticore, 2 hydras and some harpies. Of course I'd include spearmen and such for core.

My second thought is Cold One Knight heavy. They can be the Knights of Karond Kar... or KKK for short ;) heh... yeah need to come up with something better then that ;), but it puts all my heroes and lords on Cold Ones instead of Monsters.