Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 6... last day before the big game and unveiling of the bunker

So the last day is upon us. Thanks to my partner he does all the priming in the morning while I have errands to run. This is what I walked in to that morning.

A very impressive structure but with much work left to do on it. I convince him to start on the muddy area as I planned to use three colors and layer it up to give it a nice churned mud look to it. Started with scorched brown, then heavy dry brush of bestial brown, followed lastly by vermin brown for the highlights. I think it turned out well and this was also my friend's first try at a heavy dry brush. He got enough practice on this terrain piece now though and is probably an expert on it now. So here is the first layer.

I didn't take pics of the complete layering of the mud but here is one more completed look at the base and also us starting on the grey colors. Namely the dragon's teeth and inside the bunker. I also went ahead and worked on the outside of one of the pillboxes. I did the right side dragon's teeth and my friend using the technique he picked up doing the mud went to town on the rest of them. He did a damn fine job with it too. Hope the close up can show that. You can also see a better picture of the mud as well in it I hope.

We got pumped and zipped through the base.

The morning of the game my partner in crime cleaned up the area around the table for some clean pics to be taken. Note the comm array, my partner is the one that did that whole thing by himself. Also note the various items on the roof to provide cover to the forces on top.

The above picture is with all the modular pieces disassembled. Below you'll see the final product completely assembled.

Finally on the table for the megabattle. We were greeted with some very nice praise from the other participants and the game moderator and the push to get it done was worth it. Here was a worthy piece for centering the imperial lines.

And so that wraps up the bunker. Just so you know we had two 5 man Marine squads in the side pillboxes, a unit of HtH Termies in the bottom with a tooled up inquisitor Lord and retinue, second level had two ten man IG squads. Third Level had one ten man IG squad and the Company Command Squad. The roof had a Vindicare assassin and an Autocannon Squad. The only place that felt "crowded" was the roof and that was mainly because of the big heavy weapon bases. Great fun was had by all and much carnage insued. The imperials won 1-0 and claimed victory for the second Lucky 13s Megabattle.

Now have to finish that Mordant 13 ShadowSword. Atleast it's assembled and primed now. Time to sling paint...


Goodalls DCL said...

That looks so so good. My bunker had to hit the back burner. Had some unexpected expenses. But yours looks fantastic!

The WildFerret said...

Thanks so much. Learned a lot while making it too. For one thing I'll use a finer blade on the tablesaw and spend a little bit more to get better wood, instead of the crap we used that as you can see cracked and splintered off. Sometimes it just doesn't pay off to go cheap. Learned a bit more about making the entire thing modular. Where you can have a single level bunker, 2 or 3. I'm going to revisit this project on a smaller scale, just the bunker itself without the area around it.