Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 5

So Day 5 was a huge success. We hit the ground running and had a plan and goal in mind. Mainly to get everything assembled and based. Then primed to let sit overnight to begin the painting on Day 6 morning. We also planned to get the second and third level glued together and to dry over night. Then primed in the morning and finally painted in the evening.

It's time to get started. We gathered up the finished base and placed some newspaper underneath it to help control the overflow of the basing material.

So what is our materials list for such a massive area? Why two sturdy brushes, 3 bottles of white glue, and last but not least... lots of basing material.

We started by both of us taking the area in sections. Once that was done I went ahead and poured the sand on it while my compatriot in arms continued on with "painting" on the glue. I must stress this, if you have a massive project and a tight time line. Find yourself a reliable partner and divvy up the tasks. We managed to get a lot more done each night because we worked as a team.

Below is the final based terrain piece. We left it to dry and began working on other things.

So now comes the hard part. Making the actual modular second and third levels as well as the roof. So using wood glue and our little supports we very carefully and much cussing later (lessons learned here, make a better plan on the actual bunker pieces and add a day to allow you to be more patient) we finished up the two additional levels.

Some nifty adhoc construction frame work (this was one of the lessons.)

With the second level dried for about an hour we test fitted the first piece. It was a little tight mainly due to the first level leaning in slightly while drying that first evening. Again lesson learned. I know now a better way to build the bunkers. Also as you will see later on, we decided that we also need to use better and smoother wood. This stuff while cheap tended to splinter when sawing or cutting or even just painting.

Now it really looked like it was coming together nicely. So off to prime this beast.

Once again the time was late so it was time for me to head home and crash. Real life chores had to be done way too early in the morning but I felt happy that the priming was done on the main board and that tomorrow the final steps would commence.


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