Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 3

Alrighty was too tired last night to post an update, so here we go. Headed over to my friends to get some more work done on the terrain piece. The down side is it was raining so we know that there would be no priming. That's okay though since we still had a bit of work to do on it. So we started putting together the base part of the bunker. First we needed to finish up the walls, put on doors and firing slits. We also decided to add some stuff to the bunker roof, like a comm array. So while my friend started working on that, I started on the doors.

This was my first pass at it. It was okay but lacked something, so we dug around his place to find some flourishes. This is what I came up with:

You can also see the side doors into the bunker above this. You can also barely see the outlines I have on the front wall for the firing slits. You'll see in a moment how it all looks together.

Here's the start of the comm tower. I didn't get more pic unfortunately because he also used those little pieces of wood next to the comm tower run a lattice work up the sides. I'll get more pics tonight hopefully of it. At this point I went out to cut the firing slits in the garage. So with that done it was time to go ahead and mark the outlines for the rest of the firing slits for levels 2 and 3. Now came the exciting part... let's put some of it together. Remember these?

These are added to the base level and this is what we got:

And a close up

So you might be asking... "Mr WildFerret... what can that base level hold?"

Well children... let's see

That's a squad of 5 Terminators and a Venerable Dreadnaught in there. And it still has room behind them for more troops if you wanted. The front door is big enough to get the dread base in and out since actual model size and terrain have to be taken into account. And yes they all fit height wise too:

So there you have it... end of Day 3 and it's all coming together really nice. Especially considering only getting to work on it a couple hours a night.

And here you go... a preemptive look at my next project...


Goodalls DCL said...

Thats pretty awesome. I dont think Ill be fitting any Dreads in mine! Its close quarters enough for Space Marines!

The WildFerret said...

yeah but I really like your cannon.