Saturday, August 2, 2008

Portal Wars and the Deathwing

Zennister went ahead and ran an apocalypse megabattle tournament type game. The objectives were on an "unknown" planet somewhere uncharted in the Galaxy. To get there three worlds were found to have a portal of unknown Xeno manufacture. The idea was to gain control of the portal control panel and then send unit through the portal to the other table. We had 3000 points each and played with a teammate. Giving us 6000 points per side, 12000 per table or 36000 for the total event. I teamed up with my Roommate's Sisters of Battle. I first thought about going full mechanized. Basically 5 squads of Termies and 4 Land Raiders with other assorted addons. I decided to go ahead and do something totally crazy. I Took 51 Terminators, 6 DW bikes and an Attack Bike.

Terminators are definitely hardy. End of turn 4 I had only lost 3 Squads... 5 were in different states of manpower and 2 were untouched. My roommate and I also won the event with 10 Objectives taken... 7 the Deathwing retrieved, 3 her sisters retrieved.

What made this work for us was having a solid plan going into the game and being fluid enough to roll with the punches as things we assumed were not in evidence. I'll type up a more formal battle report in the next day or two, but suffice it to say it was a lot of fun and definitely worth doing again.

In the end we both picked up 35 dollar gift certificates to the store. Which we of course used tonight, I picked up a box of Dark Elf Warriors (for a new army) and she picked up a box of Saurus Warriors (for her million skink army and oh yeah a token force of Saurus Warriors).


RonSaikowski said...

Nice to see the Boys in Bone did so well. Congrats on the win.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the win, sounds like a pretty big battle indeed!